QPROJECT received the BRONZE AWARD in the Category
for the design and construction of the
in the Retail Interiors Awards 2016 Ceremony


Watch an amazing video of the CLUB MEDITERRANEE project building process

QPROJECT appointed by CLUB MEDITERRANEE group constructed three new Metal buildings on the Hotels site in Ag. Georgios Lichada, Evia.

Our Services

We offer integrated solutions focused on our customers

Project Analysis - Studies

QPROJECT has significant experience in Project design and elaboration of all the respective Studies related to Renovation and Construction. We provide you with proposals and ideas according to your needs for the quickest and functional use of your property or area. Our specially trained personnel devotes itself to the design of interventions, completely compatible to your taste and style, and most important; they can undertake all the necessary actions for the Licenses and Bureaucratic paperwork, according to the Legal Framework. 

Project Management

In the construction business, limitations usually arise in the form of very strict timeframes, limited available budget, continuous changes of the Legal Framework and also bureaucratic procedures. In QPROJECT, we perceive every project as a carefully chosen sequence of actions with optimal use of resources (time, money, human resource, materials, equipment, energy, space, etc.) towards the desired result.
We are also capable of providing all the related and complementary services, prior and after the construction, such as advice for potential funding or grants, as well as B2B services, ( merchandising, logistics etc.).

Construction - Renovation

QPROJECT has successfully completed construction works of every type and size, including residencies, country houses, retail and commercial buildings, facility management , energy saving infrastructures and “Eco-friendly” buildings, "smart houses" and Public Projects. For more details about our Projects, please visit the section PROJECTS to find the category you are mostly interested in for your business. What characterizes our staff and our services are technical training, consistency and prompt response to all the client’s needs.

Facility Management

QPROJECT successfully expands its operations to provide Facility Management services. Based on our knowledge and experience on the construction business, we provide integrated solutions on Facility management, including maintenance of security systems, fire protection and access control, plumbing and electrical installations, ectromechanical equipment and buildings “shell” maintenance (insulations, wall painting, various damages restorations).

Who We Are

QPROJECT was founded by Mr. Kiriakos Tsagalidis, Mechanical Engineer of NTUA with post-graduate studies in Business Administration and long experience in Studies, Construction and Project Management. The company’s main activity is the construction and renovation of commercial and home properties in various sizes and types.
QPROJECT offers vertically integrated construction services for private, commercial and home premises.

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Our Principals

QPROJECT perceives Quality, Effectiveness, Rapidity and optimum budget Capitalization as given and non-negotiable  “Added-Value”  elements.  

In QPROJECT, QUALITY stands for high value of services and efficiency for optimum satisfaction of our customer’s needs, within the limits of professional conduct and ethics.

We can always guarantee, that everything is done right; from the beginning to the end. It means that we give attention to all the details; even those that our customer “cannot see” with bare eye.

Quality is not expensive. It is priceless.

In QPROJECT, EFFECTIVENESS stands for impeccable design and project management in order to deliver excellent result. This is attributed to our efficient and skilled team members, executives and partners, whom we select with strict criteria.
For our company, there are no problems that can’t be solved.

«Efficiency is doing the things right. Effectiveness is the decision to do the right things ».

With QPROJECT you can be totally sure that your project will be delivered on time. If "time is money", as they say, our company is fully aware that we do not have the right to waste either your time or your money.

In QPROJECT we never promise something that we cannot abide by. On the contrary; we always deliver more than promised.

We Do more than just talk. We ACT.
We Do more than just promise. We DELIVER.


We offer integrated solutions focused on our customers needs

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We share your vision. We explore your needs. We manage your project.
We deliver your ideas. We host your dreams.

QPROJECT Latest News

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2, Xanthippou Street (& 176 Mesogeion Av.)
15561 Cholargos
2nd floor

Tel: +30 210 65 16 544
Fax: +30 210 65 16 545
Email: info@qproject.gr

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Q Project


2 Xanthippou & 176 Messogeion Ave.
2nd Floor, 15561 Cholargos
GPS Coordinates: 38.001176, 23.787716
T: +30 210 6516544
F: +30 210 6516545
E: info@qproject.gr
W: www.qproject.gr

19 Eleftheriou Venizelou Str.
Extention of Andrianoupoleos Str.
55133 Kalamaria

T-F: +30 2310 452574

ISO 9001 2008 Certified


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