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QPROJECT was founded by Mr. Kiriakos Tsagalidis, Mechanical Engineer of NTUA with post-graduate studies in Business Administration and long experience in Studies, Construction and Project Management. 
The company’s main activity is the construction and renovation of commercial and home properties in various sizes and types. 
Additionally, we provide all the contiguous-to-construction services through our other Business Units, namely Studies, Project Management, Consulting and Facility Management. Thus we ensure that our customers receive full support from the stage of the initial design throughout a project’s full completion. 
QPROJECT offers vertically integrated construction services for private, commercial and home premises.

Why us
QPROJECT believes in Quality, Efficiency, Innovation, Customer Service, and Proficient Implementation with cost-effective measures for all of our projects.

What distinguishes us
- Our skilled workforce and network of established partners, that ensure the effective execution and delivery of even the most complex and demanding projects
- Our unique and innovative design style
- Our tailored approach to accommodate our clients’ desired outcomes
- Our company’s «one-stop-shop» services
- Innovation

Vision and Mission
QPROJECT’s vision is to support Greek Entrepreneurs by upgrading their business facilities, thus allowing them to sustain their business activity in today’s modern economic environment.
We realize our vision by developing relationships of cooperation and trust with our customers and strictly applying the three basic dimensions of our philosophy:
1. Experience and efficiency 
2. Consistence in the methodology and quality of the services we deliver 
3.Spirit of cooperation and partnership in working with our clients.
Our mission is to ensure, that the role of QPROJECT does not stop with the completion of a project. We expect our customers to rely on us, even after the final delivery of our work and that they maintain their level of satisfaction and excitement throughout the project’s lifecycle and beyond.

Our Staff
Our company boasts extensive experience in study analysis, design and construction with our dynamic network of staff, who collaborate in ad-hoc groups to ensure that each project has it’s team.
Our group of staff includes Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Interior and Exterior Designers, skilled Workers, and Consultants, all with proven experience. Each team member shares the vision and mission of QPROJECT and works collectively with customers to meet their special needs.
We assess the requirements of each project and appoint the respective Work-Group of professionals and scientists, making sure that we deliver exactly what was agreed on.

Our services
Architectural, Electromechanical, Topographical Plans, Building Permits.
Permanent residencies and Country houses, Business properties and commercial buildings, Office premises, Smart houses, Metal Buildings. 
Project Management
Elaboration of Business Plans, Merchandising, Warehouse management methods.
Facility Management
Security systems, fire protection and access control, plumbing and electrical installations, A/C –heating, energy, fire-protection.
Equipment, Furniture, Decoration
Interior and exterior design, provision of equipment, custom made furniture

ISO Certificate
Our company has been certified with the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate in order to:
• increase customer satisfaction
• create competitive advantage
• improve business performance and management of business risk
• attract new investments
• improve company image
• reduce operating costs
• encourage internal communication
• increase staff satisfaction and their responsibilities’ undertaking

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Q Project


2 Xanthippou & 176 Messogeion Ave.
2nd Floor, 15561 Cholargos
GPS Coordinates: 38.001176, 23.787716 (Find us on map)
T: +30 210 6516544
F: +30 210 6516545

GEMH Reg No 128028701000

19 Eleftheriou Venizelou Str.
Extention of Andrianoupoleos Str.
55133 Kalamaria

T-F: +30 2310 452574

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