Pharmacy of mr A. Taouil

Syntagma square, Athens

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Pharmacy of A. TAOUIL in Syntagma square, Athens

The new renovated pharmacy of A. Taouil, in Filellinon street, is undoubtedly a landmark on Syntagma Square area.

We focused on maximizing the entry of shop, making it easy accessible from two ways, namely the main street and the roofed passage on the side.

The innovative construction designed for the external facade is eye catching. It is built on two levels as follows: The back is metal and a glass surface is used at a distance. In the space in-between we used wallpaper, thus creating a "multi-dimensional" effect. The colorful lighting, is particularly impressive in the afternoon and evening hours. The glass door is fully opened (harmonica), so that public access is continuous and immediate.

Inside the store, the timeless colors of white and brown prevail. The furniture (cashier, gondolas, furniture of the makeup-corner and the welcome desk) are custom-made, while the aesthetics of the shop is complemented by the pendant-lighting designed by Tom DICKSON.

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