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We do not consider your business just as a plain “Study and Construction” project. In QPROJECT we know that every task has specifications and limitations and we ensure, with all our powers, that we deliver to you the best results.

QPROJECT has significant experience in Project design and elaboration of all the respective Studies related to Renovation and Construction. We provide you with proposals and ideas according to your needs for the quickest and functional use of your property or area. 
Our specially trained personnel devotes itself to the design of interventions, completely compatible to your taste and style, and most important; they can undertake all the necessary actions for the Licenses and Bureaucratic paperwork, according to the Legal Framework. 
Our services:
  • Analysis of Structure Factors and building conditions
  • Analysis of Property limits and areas –full Topographical Plans
  • Review of the potential use of Land and Estates
  • Issuance of Energy Efficiency Certificates
  • Procedures for the regulation of “arbitrary” buildings according to the Greek Legal Framework
  • Issuance of Certificates for the Compliance of Building according to Regulations
  • Architectural Studies
  • Building Permits
  • Electromechanical Studies
  • Studies of Heating/Cooling Infrastructure
  • Lighting Studies
  • Design for construction of custom made Furniture
  • Interior Decoration
  • Supervision of studies, construction and operation of facilities


We offer integrated solutions focused on our customers needs

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We support our clients in materializing their visions
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Q Project


2 Xanthippou & 176 Messogeion Ave.
2nd Floor, 15561 Cholargos
GPS Coordinates: 38.001176, 23.787716 (Find us on map)
T: +30 210 6516544
F: +30 210 6516545

GEMH Reg No 128028701000

19 Eleftheriou Venizelou Str.
Extention of Andrianoupoleos Str.
55133 Kalamaria

T-F: +30 2310 452574

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